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Related post: WARNING: This fictional story contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS UNDER THE AGE OF TWENTY-ONE. You should free model lolita com know whether you want to be reading this or not! 9/98 ************************************************************************** RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-8 "RITES OF BOYHOOD, part 8" (Part #8) cyber lolita child models lolita preteen model dvd Copyright 1997, 1998 Vince Water ************************************************************************** Author's Note: An 'ending' little lolitasex kids girl part to this series is being posted at the same time as this text. Don't worry! I plan on writing parts 9, 10, 11, ... and so on for as long as I'm able. The 'ending' text is to ensure a proper conclusion to this series no matter where 11yr lolita thai pussy I end up writing parts leading to it. I welcome comments and suggestions to this story-in-progress. Let me know what you think of the "Rites of Boyhood" series and what you would like to see happening in it. I may just include your wish in a future story part! Write me. Okay? PLEASE NOTE that this story is intended for the reading pleasures of adults above the age of twenty-one. It may be freely distributed so long as none of its content is changed. - Vince Water - ************************************************************************** * "Rites of Boyhood" * * 11 yo lola nudes - part 8 - lolita young girls links ranchi bbs preteen lolita * After their long embrace, Mister Burrows loosened his arms from around Jimmy's sweaty back. Their kisses had ended. His big nose took in the strong smell of sex rising from their bodies; it was very male! He peeked down at their wet bellies and smiled to see that the youth's pole was sleeping against his dark groin hair. His semi-hard cock was stuck between the cheeks of the boy's pale butt. "You given relief to this man's aching," said the Indian veru lolis model uncensored with gratitude. "I've not make love to a boy since ago I was a boy." Jimmy smiled. He couldn't look into the man's dark eyes when he asked, "You really like my butt?" "Ah, yes. A nice fit to my cock! Much seed put into you." Mister Burrows patted the youth's small butt with satisfaction. The boy felt his hole oozing from what the man had put in there. "It's all come out though..." The Indian laughed. "I have more in my balls to give you." Jimmy giggled. Of that, he was sure! The boy glanced into the Indian dark eyes - they looked very intense; lustful. Hunger showed in them for the man to have his butt again. 'Why not?' The boy felt a strange thrill when considering giving himself to the man's need again. He felt the swollen cock laying through the crack of his butt. In a tease, the boy wiggled his bottom to coax its rigid growth. When the man noticed what he was doing, strong hands gripped his back and lowered him onto the man's raised knees. The boy's butt turned against the man's hairy groin. A push was made into his hole and the thick cock went in. Their eyes met. Some pain filled the boy's while the Indian's black eyes shined. loli 15 yo xxx Their bodies were joining again in the most intimate way two males can. His cock slipped through the tight heated passage of boy. The Indian groaned with much anticipation. Jimmy was amazed by how easily it went in him. His hole was filled with man again. An uncomfortable pain but he could endure it to give the Indian his pleasure. He wanted them to pre teen lolitas bbs fuck. Not in punishment this time for what he'd done to Jeff but because it was a good thing for a man and his boy to do together. They really loved each other. Mister Burrows tightened his grip of the boy's slim shoulders. His thrusts began. The youth steadied himself by hanging onto the man's outstretched arms. The back of his feet pressed into the man's flexing butt. He felt power building there. Deep in his butt, the cock moved in and out. It was going to replace what the boy had pushed out earlier. "You a sweet boy!" gasped the Indian. His body moved with a man's rhythm to vip just lolita pictures complete itself in the willing youth. Much pleasure came from his cock. It pushed through the hot yielding tightness of the boy's hole in deeper stabs. Jimmy's eyes no longer showed pain. They were narrowing from what he was feeling deep in his ass. His erecting pole proved that was so. "Feel my Power?" the man asked. His hips bucked when fucking harder into Jimmy's pale butt. Low moans came out with his breaths. The boy could only nod his head. He felt his pole surging whenever the man's cock pressed against something deep in him: a pain tickle. The sensation was lolitas y o naked hard to describe except to say that it was very intense. Being fucking a second time was easier for the boy. His hole was slippery and already stretched to accommodate a man's sized cock. The Indian felt his hard body's dance towards climax. He tried keeping it from ending so quickly by slowing his thrusts. His cock pulled further back to nearly slip out of the boy's hole before pushing into it as deep as he could. Something wild shown from the youth's eyes when he did. Jimmy felt the thrilling surges returning to his pole. It stuck out hard from his groin ready to shoot again and he wasn't even handling it! That amazed him. He knew that he'd already released from it twice: to the bed sheets and against the man's belly. Mister Burrows also noticed the boy's erection. It made him glad. He knew that Jimmy liked having his little butt fucked and that it got his dick to come out. He drove his little lolita pussy pictures cock harder through the youth's tight hole. He could feel the boy's heat around his shaft. From having cummed into it before, the passage was slippery to his penetrations. No pain for the boy. Jimmy felt the man's knees pressing into his back. The cheeks of his butt tickled against the Indian's hairy preteen lolita naked pussy groin while having its hole filled with thick cock. A man's sized cock! It amazed the boy that his small body could satisfy the Indian's sexual need. Strong brown hands gripped the boy's under arms. Jimmy was pulled down to impale his butt onto the upwards driving man cock. The hands relaxed when the Indian withdrew from his hole. He stared into the man's dark eyes that shined with utter pleasure. They were performing a very adult act that he couldn't brag to anyone about. Mister Burrows felt the boy's legs rubbing against his sides; the boy's heels pressed into his butt humping over the bed. Theirs was an unusual fucking position. He bounced the youth over his groin to make the stabbing motion through his tight ass. From the intense thrills building in the man's loins, he knew that he was coming to the quickening part. Jimmy gasped from the pain/thrills he was getting deep in his butt. The man's cock was pressing against something in his hole that was giving him a strange sense of pleasure. Not like the simple thrills from beating off but mixed with pain and feeling intense. It was almost too much to endure! The boy held onto the Indian's outstretched arms to control how deeply his butt would get penetrated. It was like a contest between what the man wanted: deep! and what he was willing to give. When the boy's eyes fluttered, Mister Burrows felt his greatest pleasure and sense of pride for his manliness. He knew what his cock was doing loli models site list to the youth. A warning tingle came from his balls. The Indian kept his cock deep in the boy's asshole with shallow, ending thrusts. He felt the rising of his seed. It exploded from him like a bear's anger. Jimmy felt the change from Mister Burrows; the shy young top lolita shallow stabs that remained deep in his hole. When the Indian raised his head to growl, a thrilling throb was felt in his butt from the man shooting his sperm... deep in him! That made the boy get intensely excited. His pole squirted once to the Indian's brown belly with brief pleasure for him! The man saw it. His cock continued to fill the boy's butt underage lolitas pay sites while only that one clear shot hit his belly. Nothing left in the boy's small balls to give him. The Indian chuckled. His pleasure faded when his balls also emptied of sperm. They had exchanged all their bodily love to each other. Only in their hearts was preteen lolita cp top there a love that would never run out. Their heated breaths sounded loud in the small bedroom. Mister Burrows loosened his hold of Jimmy's slim shoulders. He felt the full weight from the boy sitting over him that kept his cock deep in that pale butt. His cum still trickled into the boy's hole; he'd managed to fill it with his Power yet again. Jimmy noticed that he had his eyes tightly shut. What he'd felt was the most intense feeling his body ever endured. Breaths raced through his open mouth. When the strong hands released his shoulders, the boy balanced himself over the man's groin. He slowly opened his eyes. The Indian gave him a nice grin and nodded in thankfulness for what he'd been given: a place to fulfill manhood in lolita child nymphet underage his little butt. loli preview samples yo Their second nude very young lolitas joining had been intense. Sweat beaded on the man's brown face and his long black nude mdels lolita fresh hair was cast loli nude lolita book about in wild curving flows over his shoulders and down his breast. The boy's dick felt hurt. He knew it was forced to shoot from the intense pain/thrills that had come from his butthole. It was as if the man's shooting in his butt had gone through his own dick and out. A strange thought! He was relieved that it was over with. The Indian arched his back so that he could reach the boy's face with his. Jimmy was eager to kiss him. Their arms wrapped around each other in a sweaty embrace: little white boy with big brown Indian. Male bodies were still connected; kiss after kiss. Theirs was a gentle touching that gave a flutter to their joining spirits. Very sweet. Jimmy felt exhausted. His mouth blew out a harsh breath into the man's that ended their kissing. He needed to get air! Streaks of sweat ran down his belly to the Indian's cock sticking in his butthole. It lolita family nudists naturists still amazed him that two males could come together that way for sex. "My Power fills you," the Indian announced with pride. "See how your pole shot out to me?" Jimmy nodded his head. "It happened again... I squirted without even handling it!" "Hmm. That like over filling a cup with too much milk," the Indian explained. "Some has to spill out." The boy understood. He experienced the Indian's tremendous sexual power that had been too much for his immature body to contain, like a small cup. He spilled out from his pole. Mister Burrows lowered his hands to the boy's thighs and rubbed over them to still their trembling. He pushed away the guilt nagging at his heart for performing so adult an act on the white youth. Jimmy preteen lolita models com was a young teen. Just barely of age to understand what they've been doing and able to withstand its intensity. He needed to be sure though. "Are you okay what we do?" asked Mister Burrows. The boy was slow to nod his head in reply so he would explain it. "In my tribe Jimmy, you need two years more growth before given brave's name; a manhood initiation. A brave free to do all things. His body strong and head all grown up. A warrior like me is proven man so he show the boy to become a brave. Give hardships like long runs, fasting which is no eat or drinking, climb high very small tiny lolita cliffs and such to get body strong and also teach things for head. That our Indian way. You are white..." "I'd like to be an Indian, cp lolita sex pic learn your ways!" asked Jimmy. Mister Burrows frowned. "What mean is that your white ways are soft and make slow a boy's growth. I'm glad you willing to learn my things. I love that in you. My heart is pained that what we do could hurt and make you hate me. No want that! Be sure you okay to follow my path." Jimmy thought hard about what the Indian was trying to explain. It seemed that the man wanted him to be sure that it was okay for them to have sex and loli models non nude to make their hearts becoming one. They were doing good! It was a bit strange for a boy to be giving himself to a man's sexual need; he usually married to get that. loli 10 y o The boy looked at the man's weathered face and saw that he was old. How old, Jimmy didn't know. All he knew was that they had connected as friends and he was learning lots of fun things about Indian rites, sex and about life. The Indian young preteen lolita galleries was a wise man. Yet child model girls loli it seemed that Mister Burrows wanted to be sure that he was willing to learn and experienced what could be taught him. The boy gave his consent. "I'm okay with everything." "That good," said Mister Burrows with obvious relief. "My path is not like other men; not a father's for his son because we make love with our bodies..." The Indian reached back to Jimmy's little butt and patted young incest taboo lolita it. The boy grinned. "I'm glad to give myself to you... I love you." He was amazed by how easily those words came out of him. "I love you too." Jimmy gasped from hearing the Indian saying those words back to him. In his heart, he knew they were true while his head was a little confused because the kind of love they were talking about should only be between a man and a woman; he was only a boy. "Let roots set down and grow slowly to bring up a healthy plant of understanding," asked the wise Indian. The boy knew what Mister Burrows meant. That he should give some time to what he's been taught and experienced to fully understand it all. The youth felt privileged that he was being shown adult things and the man's sacred Indian ways. Most of them felt good. Jimmy shifted his weight over the man's lap. There's been a building need in him to piss or something. The pain centered behind his balls, an uncomfortable feeling that began to overwhelm him. It was his lolita models bbs portal butt that was hurting... he had to go! The boy lifted himself from the man's lap and some relief came when the swollen cock slipped from his aching hole. The boy rolled off the bed. On his feet, he rushed to the bathroom. None could be found. "Where's the toilet?" the boy shouted. "I really have to go!" "Out there," answered Mister Burrows. He chased after the boy steaking out of his shack and pointed towards the trees. "The outhouse there." Jimmy ran into the woods to where the Indian pointed. He found a small hut with a half-door. Opening it, he stepped inside and saw the oval hole cut in the top of a raised wooden box. There was a peculiar odor inside; unpleasant. Yet he was in very nice young lolita great need. He turned around and sat down over the small hole. His butt pushed out what it held. He could hear splashing below him and the thought of it was disgusting. His butt strained from the need to keep pushing but nothing more would come out. It was a long sitting. Jimmy was in pain from forcing an emptying of his bowels. He still felt the need to shit. Only when he realized that the full sensation was pain did he force a relaxing of his inner muscles. The dull aching from his hole was very uncomfortable. Mister Burrows stood outside his shack to wait for the boy. His arms stretched out to welcome the cool air over his sweaty body. He revelled in his male nakedness. No longer was he ashamed of being nude or in fear that someone would take advantage of him without clothes. The man thought back to what happened to him at the age of thirteen... It was his first visit to a white man's town. Hawks had brought him along to earn a little money petite lolita pussies galleries by tearing down a building that had burned. Hawks was a man that had dealings with the white folks outside their reservation. Unfortunately, he liked to drink. Money was earned so that he could keep up his bad habit. The job given them was to chop down the remaining walls and fallen wood beams with axe/hammers and carry away the debris that proved a dangerous undertaking. No whites wanted 100 top loli sites to do it. Hawks was nearly struck by a falling deck that had been weakened from the fire. They tried being careful but both endured cuts from galerie photo nue lolita nails and bad strikes from their axes while their bodies were blackened by the charred wood and fire ash. The space was needed to build a new store so cash would be paid to them if they worked quickly. Hawks was given a jug of whiskey on the third day by some white men. He tried the fiery liquid but spat it out because the taste was so horrid. Hawks had no problem drinking it. They lolitta 13yo naked lesbian finished working at the end of the day and went to clean up in a pond they'd been camping at outside of town. He had no problem with being nude with Hawks since the young man was an Indian like him with a similar brown body though more developed. Hawks touched him in the water. It caused his dick to get really long especially when the young man turned around to rub his butt against his groin. He got the idea that Hawks wanted them to mate with his dick sticking in the man's asshole. At thirteen, he felt great lust to come out when erected but the idea was too strange. Boys from his tribe had beat off with him or belly rubbed for a shared male relief but he thought Hawks was made crazy by drinking the white lolitas colegialas galleries anal man's bad drink. The top 100 lolita movies man drank young teens lolitas rusia more whiskey on the bank and wouldn't cover himself with his breech-cloth. He waited for his young companion to decide to mate with him. Lust begged a joining to their male bodies but as exotic nude lolitas links an unexperienced boy, he was trying to decide if he should fuck the young man or not. That's why his breech-cloth was left on the bank over Hawk's. It was a foolish mistake by remaining nude. The white men who had given Hawks the jug came around for a visit. Three of them ranging in ages from eighteen to thirty or so. They removed their clothes at the sight of them and drank whiskey. Their strange behavior was lolitas sweet models childs both frightening yet exciting to him. Hawks comforted him with a hand across his shoulder and tried getting him to drink whiskey; he took a few mouthfuls. It dulled his head. The white men beat their cocks in hand when the liquor affected them. Hawks, dorki loli bbs sites who was the most drunk, had to leave his side to lay down loletta lesbon young girls over his sleeping mat. His uncovered butt invited lustful attention. The oldest of the white men went to him and quickly stuck into the Indian's ass. Their brutal act had frightened the unknowing boy... Mister Burrows extreme lolitas preteen girls frowned at the grim remembrance. He understood now that Hawks liked getting fucked but the liquor-crazed white men pre teen loli girls had gone after him as well because of their lust. He was held down over the ground by one man when he resisted while the eager companion stuck into his virgin butt. After getting it seeded, they switched positions with his asshole getting raped again. The little whiskey he had drunk made him weak and unable to defend his manhood. Worse, he staggered over to Hawks to be comforted and found himself accepting a belly rub with the young man as they held each other's fucked butts. The white men watched them and laughed. elite nymphets lolita model to p lolita paysites Morning brought them aching heads from the liquor and sore assholes. Hawks felt bad that his younger companion had been raped; he admitted to like getting his ass fucked but felt that it was partly the boy's fault for not covering himself after swimming in the pond; his nakedness being an offer to the crazed white men as Hawks freely gave his body to them. Mister Burrows lowered his head when remembering his shame. He accepted the blame that Hawks said was his and they never spoke about what happened to them. No love lost between them. They never again embraced for male relief and their friendship faded. They did finish tearing down the building and split the money equally. Hawks bought whiskey with it. The man was caught in a terrible cycle of want and desire that the white men took advantage of. He returned to the reservation with his share and gave it to his father. It was much needed by the family. Yet no more would he go off to the white men's town with Hawks. And he never revealed his nudity to anyone least he get raped as Hawks claimed that invited it. A boyhood friend of ten had learned that same lesson... from himself. After losing a big bet from him, the youth made payment by getting naked. His small body was forced to endure the attentions of his hungry mouth over it: sucking on his prick that was too immature to teen lolita xxx tgp cum so he licked into the boy's little hole so that he could take it. The youth didn't realize that being naked was inviting an attack upon his small body. He mounted the youth's butt and all the rage that was pent up in him from what those horny white men had done to him came out with his sperm into the little boy's ass. His brutal act broke the friendship between them. Not since hurting that little boy did he try making love to another. The full circle came back to him as a man when Jimmy, a white boy, allowed his little butt to get stuck into by him. The act between them was from love; not just lust or an expression of power over another. It cleansed that shame on his manhood. He no longer loathed white People since a small boy showed him how to love. Mister Burrows felt the joy of rebirth. Sadly, it had come so late in his life that few years remained to him to embrace other males with what his lusty body and loving heart could offer them. It was enough to have won the white boy's heart for him. The man felt back for the sweaty cheeks of his butt. He slapped over them with the list loli preteen free decision that Jimmy would return his love to him in there if he wanted. There would be no shame to his manhood to give himself to a boy. The boy he loved. 'Where is Jimmy?' the Indian wondered. He looked into the woods for the outhouse and could barely see that its half-door was closed. He couldn't be sure if nn bbs loli erotic the pretty littlenude lolitas girls boy was still sitting inside it so he looked around camp. That's when he noticed steam coming from his water pot. A stick was fetched to lift the boiling pot from the fire in a rush. Its baby loli pic rompl discovery was a lucky thing. His unexpected roll with that kid in bed had him forgetting about making coffee before the youth's visit. If he'd come later, the water would have all boiled away. The man reached down for his earthern mug. It was topped with a round metal strainer already filled with ground coffee. He asian teen lollitas nude carefully poured a little water into the strainer from the pot and waited. When the water's level dropped, he filled it again. It took two more pourings of hot water. The metal strainer was then removed to reveal the dark coffee in his mug. Mister Burrows held it close to his nose for a sniff. He relished the coffee's aroma. It was still too hot to drink yet. His thoughts turned to Jimmy with concern. The boy was taking a long time in the outhouse; he hoped the youth wasn't feeling much pain. He looked down at his satisfied brown cock. Its tip had shrunk back into his foreskin. Two times he had cummed from it to fuck the boy good. His performance gave him a deep sense of manly achievement and pride. Jimmy stepped into camp. He slowly walked towards the Indian in obvious pain. Mister Burrows gestured for the boy to sit over his thigh and tell him about it. The man wasn't surprised by what he heard. "It kept feeling like I had to push but nothing tight young lolita pussy more came out," Jimmy explained. "Doing that only brought more pain. My butt really aches me..." Mister Burrows nodded with understanding. He held the boy in his left arm while blowing over the surface of his yo loli kdz pics mug before taking a drink of coffee. The liquid would replenish his lost energy. "Can very little lolita model I have a sip?" asked Jimmy. The man was surprised but lowered his mug so that the boy could drink. It was very hot. The taste was strong, kinda lolita first time sex like hot chocolate but with a bitter after taste he didn't like. The Indian lifted his mug to lolikon bbs 3d xxx take another drink. He wasn't surprised to see that Jimmy didn't ask for another sip. Coffee was an adult drink that took some getting used to before it could be enjoyed. The boy waited. He shifted over the man's thigh to find a less painful position of sitting. His bottom was really aching him. Mister Burrows noticed. "You must endure to have a greater thing - my man's Power in you." Jimmy blew out a troubled breath. "I'm hurting from getting stuck by your big cock. Twice!" "Hmm. That felt good to do," spoke the man with a sigh. He watched the boy's sour expression with concern. "You not tell anyone what we do, Jimmy? Get us to trouble." "I know that..." "Let me hear your promise," the Indian asked. "Swear it." Jimmy looked the man in the eye when he spoke. "I swear not to tell anyone about what we've done together... naked. I cross my heart and hope to die!" Mister Burrows nodded his head with acceptance. "I also swear unto the Great Mystery to keep in my heart our love..." Jimmy nodded. He gave the man a nice smile from hearing what he said. The Indian finished drinking his coffee and set the mug down on the ground. He slowly stood up, carrying the boy with him. In those blue eyes he saw pain. "Come inside," the Indian loving russian preteen lolitas asked. "I have medicine to stop your hurt." Jimmy walked behind the naked man to his shack. He eyed the brown butt with a strange lust; 'what would it feel like to stick my dick in him?' he wondered. The door opened. He went inside after the man and they stood in the kitchen. Wooden doors to the cupboard were opened. Its shelves were cluttered with lots of things. Mister Burrows went through them until finding a small pouch. The boy wondered what was inside it. The draw strings were untied and a yellowish powder poured out into his palm; a healing herb. He spat into his hand and mixed it with the powder to form a paste. Jimmy grimaced. "Bend over," the Indian asked. He watched Jimmy turn away and stick out his little butt. The man lowered to the floor on his hunches. He looked between the opening cheeks and saw the boy's pink butthole. A thrilling surge went through him to see how small and tight it was - such a great feel around his thrusting cock! He gathered up some of the healing paste with his left finger and pressed it against the youth's entrance. More of the healing herb was applied. Jimmy felt the man's gentle fingering. He spread his legs and bent over more so the Indian could get to his hole. "I need to put inside," Mister Burrows asked. "Open your butt more." The boy reached back to pull his cheeks apart. A sharp pain went through his hole when he did. The Indian stuck his finger inside it, pushing the paste deeper into his butt. A coolness spread in him from it. The Indian rose up from the floor. He wiped the remaining paste from his hand over the cheeks of his butt. Jimmy stood up and turned to face him. lolli nude free list "How feel?" asked Mister Burrows. image board japan lolita Jimmy stretched his bottom this way and that but felt little pain. There was a coolness spreading through his hole. "Better," he answered. A yawn came unexpectedly from the boy. He stretched his arms and felt a heaviness to his eyelids. The man took him in hand back to the bedroom. They sat over the edge of the bed together. "Can I stay a while?" Jimmy asked. He was feeling sleepy and wanted to stay with the Indian for a while longer. "Yes. My house is yours to stay," answered Mister Burrows. Jimmy looked around at the small shack. Its wooden walls were bare without any pictures or shelves to adorn them like in his mother's home. There wasn't any carpeting on the floor. Not even a door to separate the bedroom from the kitchen. "My shack good," said the Indian. "A better place than what I sleep in at the reservation." "Really?" Jimmy blurted out. He didn't think that the man's shack was much to look at. "What is your reservation like?" Mister Burrows looked at the boy. His eyes turned sad when he began telling him about Indian life there. Jimmy learned that the white man had stolen their tribal lands a century ago and moved what People they didn't kill onto bad land not fit for hunting or farming. Their old Indian ways were not permitted so their children grew up without 100 lolita pay sites knowing who they were. White schools taught them strange ways of thinking; useless things. It upset the balances between elders and the young men, wives to their husbands. The children who returned with white teaching in their head had no respect for honored Native beliefs. It caused much turmoil. "I was hid when the black-robed women came for the children," explained Mister Burrows. "My parents want me to keep a good head, filled with the proper Indian ways." bd magazine preteen lolitas Jimmy asked, "Is that why you ran away?" The Indian shook his head from not understanding what the boy was asking him. "Ran away?" he asked. "Why you came here... to get away from your reservation." "No. I come to earn money for sisters and brother," the man explained. "There no good jobs for Indians in Oklahoma." Jimmy nodded his head. "Is that why you sexy 10 yo lolita wear pants instead of an Indian breech-cloth?" "Ah. I no wear flaps since a boy," the Indian answered. "The Indian warriors in my picture books didn't wear pants." Mister Burrows smiled. "Those free men from long ago. Ride their horse and hunt the buffalo to fresh rape lolitas pics feed their People. Now, no more." free bbs lists lolitas Jimmy remembered hearing that before; how the Indians had lost their freedom to the white man. It sounded very sad. An uneasy silence came between them that the boy didn't know how to end. "You not wear breech-cloth more?" asked Mister Burrows. He remembered Jimmy coming into his bedroom with pants and white underwear; not his painted flaps he was so proud to wear. "They were taken," the boy answered. "Jeff's too!" Mister Burrows saw pain young tits lolita biz reflecting in the boy's freckled face so he laid his arm across the youth's shoulders to comfort him. "Tell me." Jimmy told the Indian what had happened. He didn't cry since he felt very angry with those two boys who had tormented them. A greater anger filled him when remembering a similar incident with his father. It mixed with deep guilt that he could never be rid of. "I did the same thing to my father," the boy blurted out. "He fell." Mister Burrows was startled by what the boy said. He noticed that Jimmy wouldn't look at him. The boy's head lowered in great sadness. On his face was much pain; guilt that the Indian recognized. The man knew that something bad was trapping the youth's spirit. "He is dead?" Jimmy slowly nodded his head. He felt that he should be crying for his father but couldn't. It wasn't that he didn't love him! He was left with guilt and the need to be punished for the terrible thing he'd done. It grew silent between them again. A yawn erupted from Jimmy's mouth so he scooted himself further over the man's bed. He laid down to sleep. His weary eyes closed. The last thing Jimmy remembered was the sheet being drawn up to cover his body. A fish struggled against the line Jimmy was reeling in with his pole. He was glad to have finally caught one! His father was sitting across from him in the row boat, a proud smile on his face. He already caught a bunch of fish because he knew how to jerk his pole at the moment a fish had taken the bait into its mouth. Jimmy kept missing; the hook returning to him empty. With the landing of his fish, he proved to his father that he was no longer a little boy. Jimmy called down to his father. The ground seemed so far away with him sitting in their newly constructed club house. It had two glass windows to look out of, a low table and several cushion to lay over. When the man began his climb, Jimmy shaked the roped ladder in fun. His father kept climbing up. He growled like an angry bear coming to eat him! That had the boy jerking the ropes even harder. The bear fell... With a sickening thud, the black shaggy beast turned into a naked Indian laying over the ground. It was Mister Burrows! Jimmy woke up with a start. He noticed that he was breathing hard and a sense of panic overwhelmed him. He didn't know where he was! The sheets were pulled down and he lept from the bed. He noticed his nakedness. Over the floor was his white underwear so he put them on. The boy remembered where he was. It calmed him some but a need was in him to find Mister Burrows! He ran to the kitchen and found it empty. Outside, he found no sign of the Indian. Even when he called out to him, there came no answering reply. The boy hoped pre teen lolitas stories he wasn't laying dead at the oak tree. "What wrong?" shouted Mister Burrows when he came running into camp. He went to the boy and found himself being embraced; a great bear hug. The youth seemed frightened. "I had a bad dream," answered Jimmy. He kept his tight hold of the man as if never letting go. Mister Burrows lifted lolita modeling cotton bikini his boy onto him and went into the shack. He knew the Power of dreams; especially bad ones. It free pictures nude lolitas was a sign that the boy's spirit was being troubled and he suspected that he knew from what. The man also remembered being told about them mean boys who stole Jimmy's and Jeff's breech-cloths. He wasn't sure but there may be something to give back to one boy. Jimmy was carried into his bedroom. He was lowered to little lolita russian models the floor next to a wooden trunk. It was opened to reveal a pile of clothes. The man gently pushed them aside to get at something from the bottom. When his brown hands lifted, they held a yellowish bundle. "This for you," said the Indian. Jimmy was in awe of the Indian garment. He pulled down his underwear in a rush to accept the gift. The man unwound the long thong belt and tied it loosely around his slim waist. Two flaps of old deerskin were unfolded and dropped over the belt in front to cover his dick and in back to cover his pale butt. A necklace remained in the man's hand. "This was your breech-cloth?" Jimmy asked. He made a tighter knot in his thong belt to hold the two flaps next to his body. Mister Burrows nodded. "A long ago. I kept so to remember my way as boy but I no wear more." "What is that?" the boy asked while pointing illegal young lolita pedo at what the man held. "Oh. This my father's totem sweet nude lolitas preteen give me," the Indian replied. "He want to pass on my son." Jimmy looked at the painted wooden object with much desire to have it. A real Indian thing! The small carvings were of animal faces each one on top of the other. A black thong went no nude lolita sites through a hole in the totem. The man's hands pulled open the black thong. Jimmy waited to have it dropped around his neck but it went instead over the Indian's head. A disappointment filled the boy. "I not wear for a long, long time..." the Indian whispered. His eyes became glazed as if in deep thought. Jimmy looked down at himself. He still had a real Indian breech-cloth over his body! The yellow flaps weren't painted; a musty smell came from them that proved their age and lack of use. "I can have this?" he asked. Mister Burrows nodded his head. "You a boy so to wear is good!" "Can I wear your father's totem?" The Indian looked the white boy directly in the eye. "This mine to give my son. It an important thing to me." The man saw the desire in the white youth to have his totem. How could he explain that it was a Power object to be kept in his family? "But you aren't ever going to have a son..." Mister Burrows realized that the boy's words were true. No son would come to him. He was long past the age of marrying and no woman interested him because of what he felt in his loins for boys. The man felt suddenly old. He knew that he was almost four fingers times the age of this boy. Old enough to be a grandfather. The Indian tugged at his totem hanging down from his neck and decided. "You can have before leave camp. Must earn it when pass a test." Jimmy nodded in understanding. He felt that the Indian wanted to wear his father's painted totem for a while longer before giving it to him. The end of summer camp was still over a week away! Time enough for the man to be ready to give it up. "My breech-cloth old and smelly," said the Indian. "Go to lake and have its water cleanse it." brother sister rape lolita Jimmy lifted the front flap. The cloth felt stiff in his hand and there was a discoloration to the hide in the middle of its underside. The man grinned. "See that? As boy, I come out a lot from my pole. My front cloth hide what I do from the others." He made a lusty gesture of pulling over his cock. "You mean you shot to this flap?" asked Jimmy. The Indian nodded. "All boys do that thing so breech-cloth smell sweet and bear that male sign within." He pointed at the discoloration. Jimmy became excited. He dropped the front cloth and pressed it down over his dick. The flap felt sticky and cool against him. He also pressed over the rear flap covering his butt and asked, "Any stains back there?" Mister Burrows laughed. "Only if I farted!" The boy giggled. He felt that the man didn't want to tell him if his butt had been fucked. His was. To push out a man's seed would have given the rear flap the same discoloration as the front. He wanted to look preteen hardcore lolita links but would wait until Mister Burrows wasn't around. "Go to lake, Jimmy. Stand in its depths and make my breech-cloth your own. That way you join with the water's strong spirit. You be cleansed." The boy nodded. He didn't know if there was anything left in his small balls to shoot out but he would perform the ritual as the man asked. Mister Burrows took the boy outside. He was looking for something and spotted it laying over the ground near the fire. The man put on his sexy lolita preview photos shirt and buttoned it up, shoving its ends into his pants. Jimmy remembered his clothes in the bedroom. He decided to leave them and wear the man's Indian breech-cloth. It replaced what those mean boys young lolitas at play had stolen from him. "Walk with me," the man asked. He led Jimmy down the trail that led back to the boys' camp. They held hands. Much joy was in their hearts for they had made love and felt close from it and because of their growing friendship. Jimmy often spied on the Indian's totem hanging from his neck. He felt its Power attracting him. Jimmy was glad to be spending the day with his man. He smiled and laughed often. Teasing was made when he twirled around to let the Indian get brief glimpses of his nudity when his breech-cloth flapped. His little butt was pinched. That gave the boy an excuse to ask the man something. "Did someone like your butt when you were a boy? Was it fucked?" Mister Burrows felt uncomfortable by the boy's question. It didn't seem the proper thing for a youth to ask of his elder. He continued walking to the lake in silence. They took the right fork in the path that led to the camp's dump. The trash had long since burned down; not even embers. The man kept walking. There would be time to watch Jimmy's ritual before returning to the mess hall to wash dishes and clean up there. He maintained his silence. When the trees thinned out, the lake came into view. Jimmy looked around for boys but didn't find any. 'Ah. Lunch time!' he realized. His stomach was empty but it wasn't aching him to have food. The boy felt love sick and that kept him from being hungry. The Indian stopped at the edge of the lake. He gestured for the boy to walk into the water while he remained on the bank. Jimmy stepped lolita bbs russian forbidden through the shallow water. He turned questioningly to the man. axilas rasuradas lolitas teens "What do russian lolita model photo I do?" lolita preteen bondage story Mister Burrows smiled. "You know. Make a boy's rite with your hand under front cloth." Jimmy thought that was what he was supposed to do. He reached into his front flap and pinched his dick. It wasn't hard. There was no need in him to beat off so he felt awkward standing in the lake while loli japan pics photo holding his small pole in front of the man. The Indian noticed the boy's distress. With a sigh, he unbuttoned his shirt and hung it over a low tree branch. Next, his pants were dropped. He stood naked before the youth with his cock in hand. A harsh pulling was made over its thick skin to make the youth get excited. Jimmy watched it with interest. He felt the stirring of his loins and pinched his growing erection to get it to come out. The tip of his dick poked the front flap, rubbing against the crusty discoloration that the Indian said was where he'd often shot to it as a boy. lolita top thumb pic Mister Burrows had grown his cock to full length. He stopped pulling over it to raise his hands in ritual. The Indian began singing. Jimmy couldn't understand any free lolita mpeg s of the words but he felt touched by the man's low chanting. He enjoyed looking at the man's brown body. It was displaying strength and sexual excitement that lend the boy power to his task. He continued to pinch over the shaft of his hardon to get it to shoot. The Indian called upon the lake's spirit to cleanse the boy of his spirit hurt. He asked that his guilt and great sadness be carried away. Jimmy's arm moved with a telling beat. He didn't realize what the man's ritual was really trying to teen lolita web dark achieve. young lolita hardcore sex A fond memory returned to the man from his youth. He had stood in a river and performed a boy's common rite to rid himself of lust. Yet no matter how often he did it, his need would return to him. A boy's lone rite was no match for sharing bodily need with another, he'd discovered. Boyhood friends liked to belly rub with him and that made their dicks satisfied. But as a man, those naked games ended with no one wanting to embrace his lust for other males. He was also afraid of getting raped. Jimmy kept his eyes on the naked Indian. His excited manhood display made the boy yearn to hold him for a release of both their bodies yet he kept his place in the lake for ritual sake. He knew they'd be together again. Not for a few days since his body had performed so much sex and would need a rest. That thought made the boy giggle. The boy pinched the shaft of his hard dick while his butt made the humping motion pre loli russian com to build up his thrills. Holding it so tightly would leave a telling red mark but no one would see it until it went away. He knew that the Indian only had to pull over his foreskin to come out. It made him envious for not having that extra skin around his dick to play with. Mister Burrows ended his chanting. He looked at Jimmy's boy rite and waited for its sweet ending. The youth noticed his attention, turning himself sideways so that the Indian could peek through his two flaps. It made the man grin to see the boy's pale butt humping under the rear cloth and the small hand gripping his erection under the front. The man felt that a part of himself was embraced with the sweet young russian lolita boy since that was his boyhood breech-cloth covering him. Jimmy felt a slow rising from his loins; a kind of struggle from his weary body to release its sex. When it came, a brief sweet thrill was given him when squirting to the inside of his front deerskin flap. He let go of his aching dick with pride and relief. He was able to do it again! Mister Burrows saw it. He stepped into the lake to be at Jimmy's side. His hand lifted the front flap and he saw the clear streaks over the place he'd often shot to in his youth. It felt like a full circle turning. "Is the rite completed?" gasped Jimmy. He felt a little out of breath for making his body come out again so soon. The Indian had a solemn expression on his face and remained silent. He squat into the lake. With cupped hands, he brought water up to the boy for a ritual bathing. His hands rubbed over the boy's shoulders, chest and back, stomach, under both flaps to clean his dick and butt. The legs were last to be rubbed in the lake water. It felt funny to Jimmy to be washed by the man when he was old enough to do that himself. His mom hadn't seen him naked for bathing since he was six or seven years old. Yet he ls magazine magic lolitas knew that the Indian was doing it in a cleansing ritual; that's what he had told him. Mister Burrows last rubbed water into the ezine preteen lolita model boy's two flaps. He wanted to rid them of their musty smell. Lovingly, he held what had been his breech- cloth worn long ago when he was a boy. They would serve this white youth well; new experiences to bond with the old ones. Was this what it felt like to care for a son? The man stood up with his eyes looking into Jimmy's. He saw total trust there; love too. He gripped the boy's pale shoulders and gestured for him to fall back into the lake. No hesitation in the youth. His body submerged into the water to complete the cleansing rite. "It is done," the Indian announced when bringing Jimmy back to the surface. The stood up together. An embrace happened when the boy jumped onto his body with small arms going around his back. He lifted the youth by his bottom so their faces could come together. A kiss happened. lolita nude model preteen Mister Burrows happily carried his boy back to the bank. Jimmy was the closest he'd ever have to a real son. There was a real strong bond between them like father and son. Different though. Jimmy looked best real lolita sites into the Indian's eyes. Some boldness was in him when he spoke. "Now, I can't see if there was a discoloration on the inside rear flap of your breech-cloth..." The man loli gif lolita gif knew what Jimmy was asking tinie girl naked lolita of him. He had hoped to avoid answering that question but the youth would only press him about it again. "Yes. There was some stain back there..." Jimmy saw the effort it took for the Indian to admit it. He wanted to learn more; who fucked his butt lolli preteen non nude and if he liked that or not but from the man's sad eyes, he knew not to ask anything more. Mister Burrows carefully dropped the silent boy down. He asked, "Go eat lunch. I need do chores now." Jimmy felt odd. He had hoped to spend the day with this nice man but knew that he was the janitor of camp with work to perform. Something nagged at the boy. 'Was my question put to the Indian the cause for our parting ways?' He didn't mean to hurt the man's feelings. Without knowing what else to do, Jimmy took Mister Burrow's hand in a farewell shake. Their eyes touched for a brief moment. It was going to be okay between them! He ran off to the barracks so that he could get dressed into normal clothes. Jeff was in his mind... Mister Burrows watched the boy's flight along the lake shore. When he could no longer be seen, the man dived into the lake. A ritual cleansing was given his body by the lake's water spirit. He felt freed of old burdens. Joy replaced hatred little lolita bbs pics and the mistrust he had always kept like a tomahawk at the ready against his enemies. He could enjoy being naked like the carefree boy he was so long ago. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of file: RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-8 This story continues in RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-9
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